Shipping Information

We arrange all shipping, paperwork and transport.

We also take care of customs, veterinary etc. including quarantine. Each horse can be supplied with a full set of x-rays. Horses purchased from our farm can be delivered straight to your barn within 21 days.


Cost to USA

Schedule Charter Coast


$5,900 $5,000 East




$2,000 extra quarantine

Scheduled flights operate weekly whereas chartered flights operate 2 - 4 times annually. Mares cost an additional $2,000 in quarantine charges.

Flights to the west go to Los Angeles.
Flights to the east go to New York and occasionally Atlanta.

Note: These prices are approximate and may vary slightly.


All other locations

Please contact me directly stating your location.

How horses are shipped

Horses are shipped to America in two ways. The first being in pallets like those shown below. These can hold 3 horses and are carried on a cargo plane.
The second way is on a special plane for carrying horses. These hold approximately 45 horses.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Personal attention at all times


Denis Phelan,
Tullogher House Stud,
Co. Kilkenny,

Phone: +353 51 427422
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